Clean Water

'Choose To Give' is an initiative  founded by the GoodDrink Beverage Co. in 2016 with the promise to match the volume of their beverages sold with the same volume of  clean water for those in need.  They partnered with ACTS who has been building gravity fed tap stands in Uganda for over twenty five years, to provide the knowledge and infrastructure, to make their idea a reality.    Since the CHOOSE TO GIVE initiative  was founded,  CTG has funded five tap stands for communities in Uganda, bringing clean water to over 20,000 men, women and children - who's lives have been forever changed by the life-giving flow of clean water that is now in their communities.

Over 1,000,000 litres of clean water has been supplied from these tap stands already and more is being given every day thanks to the support of  'Choose To Give' and our brand partners.







ACTS is the hands and feet of 'Choose To Give'.  They have been actively involved in supplying clean water to the people of Uganda for over 20 years.  In that time they have completed over twenty gravity-flow water projects that have brought clean water to over 162,000 men, women and children in rural Uganda.  Learn more about ACTS.




GoodDrink Beverage Co. was founded in 2009 with a line of Classic Bottled Tea.  Since then they have expanded to include Organic Spritzter, GoodWater and Organic Sparkling Water.   When GoodWater was launched in 2017 GoodDrink wated to give back instead of just bringing another bottled water to market.  With that simple intention, 'Choose To Give' was born with the pledge of matching the volume of water sold with giving clean water to people who didn't have access to it.  Such an area of need was opened up that GoodDrink expanded their promise to the entire beverage family -  matching the volume sold of ALL beverages with clean water for  those in need.  When you choose a GoodDrink product, know that you are authentically choosing to give.




Proud Source Spring Water is from a naturally alkaline spring source deep in the Northern Rocky Mountains.   Less than 1% of the world's natural water in high alkaline.  True alkalinity cannot be recreated, it is ingrained in the water's DNA.   Proud Source is bottled at the source, using a gravity fed water supply system which requires zero energy.  Proud Source is bottled in an aluminum vessel, which is truly sustainable and infinitely recyclable - we are thrilled that Proud Source is now a  'Choose To Give' partner.


7-select brewed iced tea


7-Select Brewed Iced Tea is our newest brand partner with CTG and we are so excited to see it hit store shelves this spring!  Thank you for joining us and believing in the CTG mission!


Join Us


Join us.  'Choose To Give' is about authentically making a product a good choice to not only the consumer but for those around us.  If you have a product that would be a good brand partner give us a shout and we can tell you how you can choose to give!  The more brands that partner with 'Choose To Give', the more clean water is given to those in need.   And that is a win!

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